Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wicklow Way Day 3 Oldcastle to Glendalough

Day 3: Distance 12km ascent 350m. Trail track, path, with very small sections of road (unless diverting to Laragh to get supplies then additional 1km approx of road) 
 It's great to get some fresh water provided by the side of the track.

Be sure to replenish your water here as none at the hut

Brusher Gap Hut is maintained by Mountain Metheal and they do a great job. Fire pit, sleeping platform and enough shelter for an overnight(good option for night 2 camping place).

Updating journal at Brusher Gate Hut

Starting from where we left off yesterday two short sections of road rest on track. Passing Brusher Gap mountain hut on the right (this would be good place to camp on night 2) When coming off Paddock hill and down towards Laragh and if camping and/or running out of supplies then make a small diversion to Lagagh village as it's the last opportunity to shop for 3 or 4 days. 
We cross the Glenmacnas river - magical wooded section that tempted me to go for a dip.  The signage continues to be well positioned and clear.  At the end of the day the WW brings you slap up against the Glendalough Arms. This is the hotel my parents stayed in on their honeymoon! We stayed at the Glendalough International Hostal but as this is expensive enough I'd explore B&B options if doing it again. We waited until evening to visit the monastic site so had it pretty much to ourselves-lovely. In the process we 'knocked off' the very first part of the next days walk so we wouldn't have to backtrack when we left the hostal the next morning.

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